Framework for Analyzing Netizen Opinions on BPJS Using Sentiment Analysis and Social Network Analysis (SNA)

The Social Security Administrative Body is a legal entity established to administer social security programs. News about BPJS policies is often found online and social media that has received responses from netizens as a form of public opinion on the policy. One of them is the opinion of netizens on social media Twitter. Ideas can be positive, neutral, or negative. These opinions are processed using the Support Vector Machine (SVM) method, in some SVM studies still getting unsatisfactory results, with rates below 60%. For this reason, it is necessary to have feature selection or a combination with the other methods to obtain higher accuracy. To see the actors who influence the opinion of netizens on the topic of BPJS, the Social Network Analysis (SNA) method is used. Based on the SVM Method's test results, the best accuracy results are obtained in combining the SVM Method with Adaboost, with an accuracy rate of 92%. Compared to the pure SVM method by 91%, the Combination of SVM Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) by 87% and SVM using Feature Selection Genetic Algorithm (GA) by 86%.

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